myrrh larsen and meg russell present
Piece Of Me
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World premiere audiences had this to say about Piece Of Me:

“Magical, captivating, and intoxicating!”
Darshan Rivka Whittle, audience member
“Piece of Me is an otherworldly blend of rock show and fairy tale. Myrrh Larsen, with the help of some old letters and his magical guitar, summon a captivating creature, Meg Russell, whose incredible dancing, dazzling aerials and, jaw-dropping contortions make it a dreamy indie video come to life.”
Samantha Hubbs, New Orleans-based
playwright and performer
“ emotional blending of raw music and ethereal movement featuring the talented Myrrh Larsen and Meg Russell. I had an amazing evening and you will too!” Zed E Jones, Portland-based stage actor

Accolades for Myrrh’s previous narrative show, Grey Gold: A New Myth of Persephone and Hades:

“It's a terrific show and work of art and of love. Many accolades to Myrrh Larsen and all of the performers + musicians.” Marcus Henry, Managing Director, Ignite! Community Arts Hub “We really were impressed with last night's show....can't wait to see it [again] tonight.” Kimberly Didlick, audience member “Bear in mind, this isn’t just a tight, very well rehearsed concert. This is another world. Give into the spell.” Oregon Arts Watch “A tremendous show.” Paul Guinan, comics artist, Boilerplate “Gave the gods of safe and boring a good strong slap.” Editorial Board, OREGON ARTS WATCH (“Highlights of 2016”)

Based on the life and works of one Gideon Barstow, and as part of an ongoing series of rock shows in collaboration with artists of various non-musical disciplines, Portland Oregon’s Myrrh Larsen and Meg Russell ask in PIECE OF ME “what is real, what is fantasy, and what is fate?”

Like Myrrh Larsen’s previous narrative rock shows, Piece of Me invokes an archetypical story with an emotional twist, presenting live music, circus performance and theatrical aspects as part of New Orleans’ blossoming fringe festival InFringe.

This new piece explores the ill-fated love story between a human and a fairy, and how the fairy realm’s intrusions and infatuations into our own world affect our lives.

In this seven song cycle, based upon found journals and letters of 1920s-30s musician and madman Gideon Barstow, Myrrh explores Gideon’s strange descent into magic and obsession, presenting songs found in Gideon’s journals alongside new original work of his own to weave together this haunting and beautiful love story gone wrong.

With immersive elements, original compositions, and daring circus, mime, and improvised apparatus performance, PIECE OF ME invites the audience into a world that tears down the walls between fantasy and reality, between seeing a show and becoming a part of it.

Performers: Portland based goth-rocker MYRRH LARSEN and contortionist and aerial trapeze artist MEG RUSSELL.